I am a caring and compassionate counsellor, who will meet you at your point of need. I will work with you at your own pace, in order to more hopefully move forward towards the goals you would like to achieve.


You are taking a very brave step when you make the decision to come for counselling and decide to do something proactive towards changing aspects of your life which you can no longer deal with alone. It can often be very helpful to have someone come alongside you who can help you find new perspectives around the issues which are troubling you.


My approach is largely person-centred, which means that I am very much led by you and your desired agenda. It also means that there is more of an emphasis on the counselling relationship we build up together and how this can, often in itself, become a stepping stone towards making positive changes in your life. However, as I have been trained in such a way which allows me to implement various techniques and approaches, I can tailor my approach as appropriate and helpful for you.


Heather Ryan

My Philosophy to Counselling.

  • Brief Counselling

  • Mild Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Loss

  • Illness/Disability Adjustment

  • Relationship Issues (As Individuals)

  • Confidence Issues

  • Low Self Esteem

Areas of Experience

Tel: 07759 705524

email: heather@acorn.wales

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